Designs By Deb offers website development, social marketing, newsletters, blogs for the small business, non profits and ministries.


Designs By Deb utilizes WordPress as a primary platform for most of our websites.  WordPress is known to  provide efficiency through the utilization of themes, simplicity of layout, and the responsive design needed(mobile and tablet layout).  Ultimately, since most of our clients wish to perform their own updates, the simplicity of being able to edit the content of your website is of greatest benefit.



While the  WordPress platform itself is free, getting a WordPress website up & running is not.  For example, it requires a domain and hosting for it to actually appear on the internet.  Finally, you’ll find you need a theme and the plugins for custom functionality. All of which can start to add up quickly. We try to use good quality no cost plug ins, but sometimes it is necessary to absorb the cost.

The typical breakdown of expenses required to get up and running generally looks something like this – the first two items are an annual cost.

  • Domain: $14/year – $20/year
  • Hosting: $10/month – $30/month
  • Premium Theme: $50-$200 (there are some free themes that will perfectly suit a businesses needs)
  • Premium Plugins: $15-$200 (each; some are one-time purchases, others are monthly/annual licenses, yet others are free.)
  • Rough Totals: $200-$1,000+
  • Development of the website (initial set up)$300-$500
  • Monthly Maintenance: $30-$50/month depending upon the complexity or an annual agreement which provides specific services.